The Delivery Process

With SlingShop, you can offer your customers a wide range of delivery options never before possible during their check-out process. From delivery within an hour, to specific hour-long delivery windows, or just by end of day. The customer can choose the delivery method that best meets their needs at an affordable price.


You can control the delivery options offered and even subsidize the pricing if desired. Typically delivery fees range from $10 to $40, depending on how quickly the delivery needs to be performed and the distances traveled.

Live Tracking

Once a delivery is confirmed, your customers can receive real-time tracking updates on the progress of their purchase. From a driver being dispatched to final delivery, every step is shown along the way. Customers also see a countdown to the estimated delivery time, updated as the driver progresses, virtually eliminating calls inquiring about the status of a delivery.

When customers receive their delivery, they’re asked to sign on the delivery driver’s mobile device. The customer's signature, along with GPS coordinates, are captured and available to you as a proof of delivery. A signature requirement can also be waived, on a per delivery or in general upon request.


It's easy to add SlingShop's same- and next- day delivery options to your existing website and in-store operations. Delivery requests can be entered manually via our website. This choice works well for in-store delivery requests or low-volume websites. Alternatively, allow the customer to choose a same- or next-day delivery option at check-out. The customer instantly receives a link to SlingShop to select a specific delivery window.

For high-volume sites, or when a totally seamless customer experience is desired, a fully featured developer API allows your site to directly communicate with SlingShop’s systems to get quotes, schedule and re-schedule deliveries, get tracking updates, or cancel a request.

About Us

SlingShop was founded by two business partners that founded their first company,, 11 years ago. Zifty specializes in food delivery with an emphasis on creating great customer experiences.  Zifty continues to grow each year by over 30% serving over 75,000 clients in Atlanta and on track to exceed $7.5 million in revenue in 2014. 

Todd Miller

After several successful start-ups, working at a few Fortune 500 companies, and two-thirds of the way through a PhD in Computer Science, Todd created Always rushing to the window as a child at the sound of a UPS truck coming down the street, delivery logistics has long been a fascination of Todd’s. Putting his computer expertise to use, he was able to create a sophisticated routing algorithm to balance the many competing demands of completing deliveries within an hour of ordering, as well as apps for the drivers to use for tracking and in-field communications. Delivery routes wasn’t the only thing he was balancing, as he got married and had three kids during the same time. Always looking for ways to further increase efficiency and new challenges to solve, extending the knowledge gained from Zifty into a same-day delivery concept was a natural fit.

Jen Peté

Jen spent 8 years post college doing business development in corporate America. She then made the leap into the start-up world by joining the single man team of where she became known as Driver No. 2, Vice President and partner. Her focus has been growing the business to where it is today; a company that continues to grow by 30% each year. She's done this thru corporate partnerships, being obsessed with the customer experience and teaching the fine art of a handwritten note to her team.  Jen grew up an Army brat, moving more than 13 times. Embracing her role as the perpetual new kid, she learned many of her entrepreneurial talents along the way.  Today she enjoys running, obstacle courses of all varieties, traveling, chasing after her son Seven and their Labradoodle Hudson.