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We are a same-day delivery service for your business. Whether it be within the hour, same or next day we offer tailored solutions to meet your needs in a changing marketplace. 

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Why offer same day?

Same-day delivery allows you to connect with your customer in a way that is both convenient for them while expanding their overall customer experience with you. 

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How it works.

SlingShop's same and next-day delivery options can easily integrate to your existing website and in-store operations. From a custom-designed portal your store clerks can use to schedule deliveries, to an API for server-to-server communication with your e-Commerce operations.

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Who we are.

SlingShop strives to provide the fastest delivery possible, with an engaging customer experience. Our drivers are not your typical pizza delivery guy, but a team of creative, customer-focused individuals. When combine our drivers and innovative technology, we deliver more than just a package – we deliver happiness. Bringing a combined 22 years of delivery experience, we were founded by the same two business partners that created Zifty.com, an award-winning food delivery service.

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Are you ready to start offering your customers the convenience of same-day delivery? Let's begin the conversation with a few simple details about you and your business.

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